Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kundalini, Tantra and Kamasutra


Kundalini Tantra is the coming consciousness of mankind, it is the sleeping dormant potential force in the human organism which it is situated in the root of the spinal column. In males, it is in the perineum between the urinary and excretory organs and in the females, it is at the uterus, in the cervix. This centre is known as Mooladhara chakra.

Tantra is the science to awaken this dormant energy. Tantra is of two types Vama marga and Dakshin marga. Vama marga is the left path, which combines householder sexual life of Man or women with yoga practices in order to explode dormant energy centers. Dakshin marga is the right path of yoga practices without sexual attachment. If you have a wife then you can practice any of the paths. For if one chooses Vama marga, then the women represents negative and man positive energy and they undergo process of fission and fusion and they move out of their polarity towards the centre. When they come together at nucleus or central point an explosion occurs and matter becomes manifest.
In every speck of life the union of positive and negative poles is responsible for creation and at the same time is also responsible for enlightenment. Tantra is the science that postulates two theories: Expansion and Liberation. By boiling water, the particles of hydrogen and oxygen are expanded and liberated from the gross form of water and become subtle vapor. In the same way by expanding the awareness, Tantra liberates the energy that is locked up in the body and mind. Energy is the link between matter and consciousness. Once it is released from the clutches of matter, it unites with consciousness and resulting awakening occurs.

Actually, Tantra and Yoga are same, as Yoga is union Tantra is expansion through that state of Union. The elements that are brought together in this process of union between masculine and feminine, is also union of Shiva and Shakti, as Shiva represents Purusha or consciousness, Shakti represents Prakriti or nature energy.

When this energy moves out of the body by ejaculation of man or women it is material energy and creates or gives birth, but when the same energy is converted to spiritual energy or ojas, it is directed upwards by man and woman in union at every level.
At lower level semen or ova is drop of liquid, which drips from male or female orgasms, which leads to disease, old age or death. In Tantra partners do not allow their seeds, Ova and Semen to come down or get it ejaculated outside, but preserve it for higher spiritual experiences.
According to Tantra, ejaculation should not take place. In the female body the higher spiritual experiences do not happen because energy is dissipated thought out the body by sexual orgasm. In order to avoid this from happening women must be able to hold her mind is absolute concentration on the Mooladhara chakra just behind the opening of uterus; this is the point where space and time unite to explode on the form of an superconscious experience. For that women practice Sahajoli mudra and men practice Vajraoli mudra.

Kamasutra is in any way related to Tantra it is just that there are advanced Mudras, Union between Man and Woman at physical level, astral level and ideational level without ejaculation, takes place in some common mudras, but in Kamasutra ejaculation takes place in same mudra leading to birth of a child or orgasm. Sexual continence is carries same meaning for a Yogi, Tantra practioner or a householder practicing Tantra or Yoga, both of them convert their sexual desire to Ojas by storing them in their brains and not letting fluids coming out of their bodies.

Tantra does not ask you to negate your enjoyments or weaknesses instead; it provides a way to utilize them to experience state of Bhairava/higher consciousness. Christians have also forgotten this great science, which was taught by Jesus, in Christian tradition these terms: "The path of the Initiates and the Stairway to Heaven", used in the Bible refers to Kundalini ascent through Sushumana nadi or nerve in the spinal column. The ascent of Kundalini and ultimately the descent of spiritual grace are symbolized as the cross. That is why Christians make the sign of cross at Ajna chakra ( middle of forehead, Anahata chakra (heart region and Vishuddhi chakras, for Ajna is the centre where ascending consciousness is transcended and Anahata is where the descending grace is made manifest to the world. What ever happens is the spiritual life, it is related to the awakening of Kundalini in every religion. Jesus taught Kundalini yoga, or Tantra or Kriya yoga for householders but most of the Christians have forgotten this esoteric science.
By means of Kundalini awakening, we compensate for the laws of nature and speeding up our pace of our physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. Once the great Shakti awakens, man or women are no longer a gross physical body operating at a lower mind and low voltage prana. Instead, every cell of the body is charged with high voltage prana of Kundalini and when total awakening occurs man becomes a junior God. To awaken Kundalini energy by Tantra, one has to completely transcend the baser sexual urges and overcome passions. Also a lot of preparation needs to be done before one attempts of awaken the Kundalini. Purifying nadis (Sushumna, Ida and Pingala), and activating the chakras is absolutely required.

Many people have been sexually exploited in the West and India in the Name of Tantra and destroyed their lives, so one needs to be very careful, in choosing the right Guru and practice REAL TANTRA.

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Very interesting and informative. We have been practicing Tantra sacred sexuality since 1987. We started on this spiritual path when we had a spontaneous mystical experience during our extended lovemaking. Anyway, we will be adding an excerpt of this topic to our blog tantra-sex.blogspot.com. Thanks.