Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Law of The Seed

The Law of the Seeds can be included in Laws of Karma. Whatever we get in one life time is the result of our previous lifetimes actions and thoughts.

When we have been born we have been given some qualities which can be considered as seeds for coming actions of our lives.

The seeds need to be grounded in a fertile place, give them warmth, water, light, and love.
With patience, in time we will see the seeds becoming beautiful plants, blossoming, and offering to us their good smelling and tasty fruits.

The same way we need to explore and use rightly our qualities. To be aware about our qualities we need to see within us, listen our inner voice and following the callings of our souls which are the Divine side of us.
Self inquiry and meditation can help us to see and use in the best way our qualities. After we got aware on what we posses the best thing is to improve.
Example given on what to do with the seeds to get fruitful apple trees, is a great metaphoric example we can use, learn and grow.


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