Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Returning to innocence

Recently more and more people, children and adults, are playing games. Why do you suppose they feel the need to play games, I mean adults? It is a normal thing for children to play games.

Perhaps adults are playing due to a need for relaxation, because of a stressful day, or because of boredom. So having nothing else to do they turn to gaming. 
But maybe there is another unconscious motivation for playing games. Maybe there is a need to return to innocence. Events in childhood may have required them to grow up quickly, no more children games. No more having fun or enjoyment. It does not matter how much knowledge is gained or degrees earned they are missing a piece of their life, an important one that forms the personality. 
So as adults playing games we might discover what is missing and become aware of what is needed to complete the inner being.

Some games are educational, some help us find friends, some to express creativity allowing our subconscious or hidden skills that were never cultivated.

Returning to innocence is something that we really need to experience from time to time. Although some games are quite addictive we still need to give into the child within and have some fun and enjoy life.

From an optimistic view, life can be considered a game in which we win some and lose some. 
Play fair and be a good looser.

Let us recall our inner child and play the game called LIFE!

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